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Open to young footballers aged 8 to 13, the FC Metz football school aims to help them discover the basics of the game, develop motor skills and coordination, and gradually provide them with the technical basics of football. The FC Metz football school must provide an appropriate response to young boys motivated by activity and to parents aware of the important role of sports practice in education.
  • Its success is fundamentally based on the commitments made by the club, namely:
  • Guarantee qualified, experienced and passionate supervision.
  • Provide a training offer to offer 2 weekly sessions in U8 and U9, 3 weekly sessions from the U10 category.
  • Offer innovative and progressive training content that is part of a long-term player training project.
  • O rganize the reception of players in the best conditions, at the Technical Center of the Plaine Saint Symphorien (grounds, changing rooms, clubhouse, etc.).
  • Carry out two individual interviews each year with the parents of each  player, in order to associate them with the progress of their child.
  • Offer a competition program adapted to each age group (  friendly meetings , tournaments, etc.).
  • Prepare young players, from U11s, for a possible entry into the  pre – training cycle (4th / 3rd) at Arsenal college in Metz: evaluation, school monitoring, etc.


Technical Manager: José PINOT
Manager of U12 section: Mehdi BOURTAL
Manager of U11 section: Michaël CESCA
Manager of U10 section: Yan LIONELLO
Manager of U9 section: François JUVILLE Goalkeeper
trainer: Jean-Christophe DAMM

Information and registration 
Technical Secretariat of the FC Metz Association
Mr Davy BECK
5, allée Saint Symphorien 57,000 METZ