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Every summer since 2008, FC Metz invites young licensees in a club to live a week in full board in the world of Garnets.
During this week, participants will have the opportunity to train under the guidance of Metz coaches, to participate in matches and tournaments. Holidays require, many recreational activities are also on the program as well as a behind-the-scenes tour of the club and a meeting with a professional player!
All the ingredients are thus gathered to spend a week which will undoubtedly remain engraved for a long time in the memory of the participants.
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For several years, the Grenats training center has stood out thanks to its good sports results, of course, but also thanks to its excellent academic results, with regularly 100% success in the bac!
It must be said that the Football Club of Metz maintains a real collaboration with the secondary schools of Metz but also with qualified and experienced speakers to allow its young shoots to prepare for their diploma in the best possible conditions. On the strength of its experience, the messin club has decided to use all of its facilities and expertise by offering intensive training courses to prepare for the baccalaureate exams during the school holidays in April.
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