[vc_row][vc_column][stm_heading_with_icon title= »TAX LEARNING » icon_title= »fas fa-sliders-h »][/stm_heading_with_icon][mvc_infobox info_style= »mega_info_box_2″ shadow= »vc_info_box_shadow » hovershadow= »vc_info_box_hvr_shadow » title_color= »#000000″ caption_url= » »]The Metz Football Club apprenticeship training unit, attached to the CFA Robert Schuman in Metz, is authorized to collect the apprenticeship tax.

Thanks to the support of many companies, the apprenticeship tax makes it possible to finance the training of our young apprentice footballers (school operations, sports programs, educational material, etc.)

To know all the methods of payment of the apprenticeship tax in our favor:

If you want to support our ambitious training project, you can contact:

Alexandre CLEMENT
Deputy General Manager of the Training Center